Brentingby Meadows

Quality English meat from Leicestershire's grazing lands

Please see the attached list for current pricing

As we have only a small-scale enterprise and do not run a farm shop, we do not have meat available every week, we wait until we have sufficient orders to make a booking with the butcher. Please contact us to place a provisional order; we will then discuss outline delivery schedules and let you know an exact delivery time once we have consulted our butcher.

All of our meat is usually delivered fresh and we now use boxes with sustainable sheep fleece insulated packaging to keep it cool. As sheep farmers ourselves we are only too keen to support a new market for wool and the insulating properties have been fully tested. As the boxes are sturdy and the fleece insulation can be re-used, we would be grateful if local customers could return the boxes so to reduce waste and help keep costs down.

We take payment on delivery of your order.