Brentingby Meadows

Quality English meat from Leicestershire's grazing lands

Brentingby Meadows beef and lamb is available most of the year. We specialise in freezer packs, in sizes designed to fit modern lifestyles and our largest packs will fit on a single shelf of an upright domestic freezer.

For centuries the rich grazing lands of Leicestershire have been used to provide high quality meat. The beef is bred from our dairy cows by an Aberdeen Angus bull, which provides a nicely marbled and tender, tasty eating quality. The cattle are all born on the farm and reared to around 2 years old, grazing our old pastures in summer and housed in airy straw yards in winter. They are taken to a local abattoir within Leicestershire and the meat is matured for 2-3 weeks to enhance the flavour and tenderness.

We sell lamb in half or full lamb packs, reared on the farm. Ewes and lambs are turned out into the river meadows, where they remain all summer. Due to the seasonality of lamb production, we have a gap in supply between February and late May.

From time to time we also supply mutton from our older ewes, which is richer and more full flavour than lamb.

Our freezer packs contain a range of cuts and the meat is pre-packed and labelled for your convenience. We deliver the fresh meat ready for you to freeze throughout most of mainland Britain, in person if local or by mail order overnight delivery to customers further afield.

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